About Myself…

My name is Carlo Daffara, and I work on Open Source Software since 1994; during these years, I had the opportunity to work as the Italian representative at the European Working Group on Libre Software, the first EU initiative in support of Open Source and Free Software; chair the SME working group of the EU Task Force on Competitiveness, and the IEEE open source middleware WG of the Technical Committee on Scalable Computing.

Since 2008 I am part of the editorial review board of the International Journal of Open Source Software & Processes (IJOSSP). I have participated in 8 EU research project, in the field of OSS and its applications in health care (SPIRIT, SALUT, MURINET) and industry and Public Administrations (COSPA, OpenTTT, AMOS, FLOSSMETRICS, CALIBRE); I also worked in other independent research activities in the field of Grids, Single System Images (specifically OpenMosix), virtualization and Clouds.As part of our FLOSSMETRICS and OpenTTT European project I wrote a guide for small and medium companies that are interested in using open source or adopting open source software as part of their business model, as well as a guide for FP7 EU projects interested in releasing their results as open source.

I am part of FSFE European Legal Network, and since 2010 I am part of the technical board of the two regional Open Source competence centers. For two years I have been part of SC34 and JTC1 committees in the Italian branch of ISO, UNINFO; I participated in the Internet Society Public Software working group, and many other standardization-related initiatives. Since 1998 I work as project reviewer for the European Commission in the field of international collaboration, software engineering, open source and distributed systems.

My actual research work for the Open Source consultancy Conecta is focused on open source-based business models, collaborative development of digital artifacts, and  understanding how companies and administrations can leverage open source software; during the last 15 years, we helped hundreds of companies and administrations to take up and adopt OSS systems. I have worked with telcos like Wind, industry players like Ansaldo, ASEM, Galileo Avionics, public bodies like the Veneto region, the Health Care authority of Friuli, the Disability Italian Network, hospitals like Beaumont or the ICRS Besta.

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