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“Best practices for open source” session at EU Internet of Services meeting

There is something that I mentioned many, many times: EU projects tend to talk about Open Source, but it is sometimes difficult for project managers to really grasp what OSS is, and how it can be used for real Рnot only during the project lifetime, but afterwards as well. For this reason, with  my thanks to the EU project officers in the Internet of Services group for the invitation, I have prepared a small guide on how to engage open source project, how to evaluate the best exploitation strategy, how to select a business model, and (more important) a simple and pragmatic approach on selecting an OSS license for a new project.  The guide will be presented at the Internet of Services 2010 event; the collaboration meeting is in Brussels, tomorrow, and the open source part will start from 11:30. A detailed agenda is available here; for more information, the event webpage is here. Just after the end of the event, the draft of the guide for FP7 project will be mirrored here as well.

See you in Brussels!